It is amazing how much peace and relaxation one can find in the things you love. And for me it is anything to do with food – from a journey to the farmer’s market (or, unfortunately, supermarket or a wet market given the lack of other options in Hong Kong) to exploring the cuisine of a new country on our travels; from setting out to cook the simplest or most complex of the meals to the final dish being presented on the table; from receiving a new edition of a favourite food magazine to re-discovering one of the old cookbooks.

And when life gets too stressful, there is nothing more relaxing than curling up on the sofa with a favourite cookbook and disappear in it for hours. Or start a new creation in the kitchen that absorbs one completely and takes mind of anything that may be bothering you at the time.

Sun Flowers

My attitude to food has changed a lot over the years as my knowledge of how the food gets on our plate and affects our bodies has grown. I have learned that you don’t need to rely on the staples of processed carbohydrates (like pasta or bread for example) in order to have a satisfying meal. I have discovered a magnitude of colours and flavours that seasonal produce has to offer. And the beautiful pallet of flavours that a wide variety of superfoods can add to ones plate and life. And the realisation of this opened a whole new world of opportunities. A world of a new adventure in food – exploring new smells, senses, textures, flavours.

And I am not saying that I still dont occasionally enjoy a plate of al dente pasta with a beautiful shiny sauce clinging on to each strand of it. Or a red velvet cupcake – so moorish and satisfying. But these are occasional treats that I take immense pleasure in. When you think of these foods as treats, you enjoy every single bite – it is important that there is no complaining about “slipping” afterwards, it’s your reward, so make the most of it. And actually having these little cheats is not only a way to occasionally enjoy these bites, but also a reminder to yourself why you love the way you eat on the day to day basis. A reminder that the key to flavour is not in a creamy sauce, lots of sugar or a plate of starchy carbohydrates. That the food around you is bursting with flavours and colours and offers such wide variety, that you dont need to rely on sugars and carbs to make the most of your meals. And believe me, you body will not only love your new attitude to food, but will thank you for it.

This is the first step for me to share with my friends and family some of the passion for food that fills my life and inspire those around me to learn to understand and appreciate the quality of food that goes onto our tables and into our bodies – a step to a more beautiful and healthy you.

Let the adventure begin!

3 Replies to “About”

  1. Demokhina Viktoriia says:

    Фантастично красиво, слюнки текут!
    Какая же ты умница!
    Мне, конечно же, тут же хотелось похвастаться Лене, но без твоего ДОБРО я этого не сделала. И, вообще, всем хотелось рассказать, какая ты креативная трудяжка!
    Успеха твоему проекту, удачи всем вкусняшкам- пусть путешествуют по миру!
    А для тебя- весь мир!!!
    Целую. Мама.

  2. Katusha,
    This is absolutely incredible! When did you find the time to do all this? I love your healthy recipes, and the couple of indulgent ones too! So well written with beautiful photography. Please do an egg white recipe and I can share your blog on our two chicks facebook page and website.
    Good luck, and once again, well done!
    Alla xxx

  3. Olena Dudko says:

    Дорогая Катюша!
    В восторге от твоего сайта!!!!!!! Браво! Все очень правильно, умно и красиво! Не сомневаюсь, что твои блюда еще и очень вкусные!
    Если у тебя есть возможность и желание , приглашаю тебя вести страничку о вкусной и здоровой пище у меня в журнале ” Рубежи Здоровья”, тираж 30 000. Можешь посмотреть на сайте
    www. olfa. ua

    И конечно же , поздравляю тебя с замечательным событием, которое изменит твою жизнь , сделает ее сложнее , но намного вкуснее и полезнее!!!!!!!!!!!! Будь счастлива!!!!!!!!
    С уважением и любовью, Елена Дудко

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