Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free

Sadly, as a result of the cultivation process and rigorous selection process, only a few of modern cultivated varieties of blueberries measure up to wild berries of our predecessors. We have moved away from small dark blue berries to large paler ones, mainly for the reasons of easier collect process and being more pleasing to the eye. Never the less, most of the berries we can pick up at the farmers’ markets or in store are still nutritious superstars with four times more antioxidant activity than most other fruits.

Blueberries aren’t actually blue, but deep purple, which is the colour of anthocyanin – a pigment that is the most beneficial phytonutrient in the fruit and is known for its ability to fight inflammation. The darker the berry, the more anthocyanin they have. Also the smaller the berry, the more of this pigment it contains. Studies have shown in immense potential blueberries have in fighting the diseases of modern civilisation. In animal studies these berries has prevented or slowed the growth of tutors, lowered blood pressure, soothed inflammation, lowered obesity and diabetes rate and even shown to slow age-related mental decline.  So eating more blueberries is a road to optimal health. And a delicious one!

Surprisingly, cooked blueberries have shown to have greater antioxidant levels than fresh ones. The reason for this is that the heat rearranges the structure of the phytonutrients and makes them more bioavailable. What other excuse do we need to bake with these purple beauties?!

These bright purple blueberry muffins are incredible simple to make. Consisting of only 5 ingredients, with a high protein content, these are really filling and delicious. They are also gluten- dairy- and sugar-free. As we have mentioned, the darker the berry, the more anthocyanins are present – so don’t be surprised at the burst of deep purple colour when you cut into the below goodies!

gluten- dairy- sugar-free and full of amazing antioxidant power
gluten- dairy- sugar-free and full of amazing antioxidant power


4 large eggs

2 large ripe bananas

1 cup desiccated coconut

3/4 cup almond butter

1tsp baking soda

1 cup of blueberries


Put banana and eggs into a food processor and blend until mixed well. Add almond butter and blend again. Finally add the desiccated coconut and baking soda before mixing well one final time. Poor into prepared muffin tins and top with blueberries. Bake in a preheated oven at 160 degreed C for 40-45 mins. Cool completely before serving.

They have only 5 ingredients, have a high protein content and are really filling and delicious.
They have only 5 ingredients, a high protein content and make a really filling and delicious snack 

They are a great breakfast on the go, a handy snack to have to hand when travelling or feeling  a pang of hunger in the afternoon or could be served as a healthy desert.


Muffins will keep in the fridge for about a week.

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